New York Style Haircuts

When you’re looking for an authentic barbershop experience, look to Major League Barbers. Our barbers are trained in the New York style of hair cutting. This unique style stands out among normal men’s haircut styles, and people from the city are able to identify your style as one of their own.

The VIP Experience for Every Customer

We also provide haircuts and shape ups in any style that you need. If you’re not sure what style you’d like or if you want to try a new ‘do, our artist can make great suggestions for you. You get only the best attention while you sit in our chairs. Once we finish your haircut we blow dry and style your hair, and get rid of little extra hairs that stand out.

Genuine Precision Cuts

Girls love a well-groomed man. Trust the hair professionals at Major League Barbers to pay attention to the smallest details when cutting your hair. One of the newest trends today is getting line up haircuts using dye to simulate razor-sharp lines. Our artist are able to give the same haircut, with the same focus and precision, without using the dye. Trust our shop to give freehand urban style haircuts that give your hair a flawless look.

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